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Level 11 (Regional State Building)

Console ID: 2
Func: change_fl2_lights
Func2: Floor2Unlock
Func3: set_objective_2
Console ID: 3
Func: change_fl3_lights
Console ID: 4
Func: seclock2
Console ID: 82
Func: seclock3
Console ID: 88
Func: seclock1
Console ID: 5
Func: change_flDATA_ARCHIVE_lights
Func2: DataArchiveUnlock
Func3: set_objective_4
Func4: set_target_1
Func5: spawn_targets
Console ID: 1
Func: unlock_secret_1
Console ID: 6
Func: hall_1
Console ID: 7
Func: unlock_secret_2
Console ID: 8
Func: downstairs
Func2: upstairs
Console ID: 9
Func: grifftext

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