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Chapter 1 - The header

 information that this is a dat file for Oni; do not change it
1F 25 00 00number of files in total (9503)
7B 05 00 00number of files, which are named (1403); for example 00031-rl_1.TXMP
46 00 00 00number of all used different file extensions (70)
00 17 03 00at this line begins the "body"
00 F1 95 00size of the "body" (9,826,560 bytes) *
00 08 99 00at this line begins the "end"
7B 6D 00 00size of the "end" (28,027 bytes) *

*)You can set it to zero, if you want. It will work too. But then the programs Biturn and IRF_Oni can't read the dat file any longer.

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