Here are some sound samples of the game in different languages.
Thanks to ZDLO for the Russian sound files.

Level 0 (Basics)

Konoko:You're gonna get beat by a girl.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:Ready to lose?EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:Show me, what you got.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:So, there.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:Rising FuryEnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:Devil Spin KickEnglishFrenchGermanRussian

Level 1 (Warehouse)

Griffin:Give me another reading.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Shinatama:All systems nominal. She's doing fine.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Kerr:This is a mistake.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:I'm on it.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Kerr:Good luck, Konoko.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian

Level 2 (Manufacturing Plant)

Receptionist:Please have a seat, someone will be right with you.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian

Level 6 (Airport Cargo Hangars)

Konoko:I need your help.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Muro:An android? Interesting! They must be using it to monitor her progress. I want it. Tell Barabas to retrieve it for me.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Tanker:Can't top Tanker.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Sniper:Wait till I reload.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Comguy:You're weak.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Mad Bomber:I hear you.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Comguy:I know where you are.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian

Level 8 (TCTF Regional HQ)

Shinatama:Konoko, hurry! They've landed on the roof, and they're breaking into the Command Chambers. We can't hold them off for long!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Shinatama:No! Stay away! Konoko, help! No!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Barabas:Got ya!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Female Civilian:Where're you going?EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Female Civilian:Wait, I'm not finished!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Female Civilian:Oh, sorry!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Red:She was weak.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Elite:No one can defeat me.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Red:Are you hiding from me?EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Comguy:Okay, okay. Don't frog blast the vent core!EnglishFrenchGermanRussian

Level 12 (Rooftops)

Mukade:All you have done by hunting me, is force me to fight. You should have let me go.EnglishFrenchGermanRussian
Konoko:Who are you? Why can I feel you inside me?EnglishFrenchGermanRussian

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