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Impact Tree - Character File

All Impt files are 0 byte files. That means that Oni takes the information out of the Impt files of level 0. Below is an example of an Impt file of level 0.

01 03 10 00409904099-Bar_Super_Kick.Impt
01 00 00 000level 0
FF FFunknownunknown; always the same
AD DEdeadnot used
01 04 10 004100link to 04100-Kick_Hit.Impt (parent impact)
AD DEdeadnot used

04100-Kick_Hit.Impt links to 04149-Kick.Impt. This links to 04146-Melee.Impt. And this to 04106-Default.Impt, which links into nothingness.

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