The table below shows all file types of Oni.
Files with a * are relicts of an early development stage and therefore without any function.

DoneTypeCodeDescriptionNotesSort of File
-3CLA*ALC3RGB Color Array  
ABNAANBABSP Tree Node Array Level File
AGDBBDGAGunk Quad Debug ArrayuselessLevel File
AGQCCQGAGunk Quad Collision Array Level File
AGQGGQGAGunk Quad General Array Level File
-AGQM*MQGAGunk Quad Material  
AGQRRQGAGunk Quad Render Array Level File
AISAASIAAI Character Setup Array Level File
AITRRTIAAI Script Trigger Arrayuseless (?)Level File
-AIWA*AWIAAI Imported Waypoint Array  
AKAAAAKAAdjacency Array Level File
AKBAABKASide Array Level File
AKBPPBKABSP Node Array Level File
AKDAADKADoor Frame Array Level File
AKEVVEKAAkira Environment Level File
AKOTTOKAOct Tree Level File
AKVAAVKABNV Node Array Level File
BINAANIBBinary Data Start File
CBPIIPBCCharacter Body Part Impacts Character File
CBPMMPBCCharacter Body Part Material Character File
CONSSNOCConsole Level 0 File
CRSAASRCCorpse Array Level File
DOORROODDoor Level 0 File
DPgeegPDDiary Page Level 0 File
-EDIA*AIDEEdge Index Array  
ENVPPVNEEnv Particle Array Level File
-FXLR*RLXFFX Laser Effect  
-GMAN*NAMGGeometry Animation  
HPgeegPHHelp Page Level 0 File
IDXAAXDIIndex Array  
IGPAAPGIIGUI Page Array Message File
IGPGGPGIIGUI Page Message File
IGSAASGIIGUI String Array Message File
IGSttSGIIGUI String Message File
ImpttpmIImpact Treezero byte fileCharacter File
IPgeegPIItem Pagenot in all levelsMessage File
KeyIIyeKKey Icons Level 0 File
M3GAAG3MGeometry Array  
-M3TA*AT3MTriangle Array  
MtrllrtMMaterialzero byte file 
-NMSA*ASMNNetwork Spawn Point Array  
OBANNABOObject Animation  
OBDCCDBODoor Class Arrayuseless (?)Level File
-OBLS*SLBOObject LS Data  
OBOAAOBOStarting Object Array Level File
OFGAAGFOObject Furn Geom Array Level 0 File
ONCCCCNOOni Character Class Character File
ONCPPCNOOni Character Particle Array Character File
ONCVVCNOOni Character Variantzero byte fileCharacter File
ONFAAFNOImported Flag Node Array Level File
ONGSSGNOOni Game Settings Level 0 File
ONIAAINOOni Character Impact Array Character File
ONLDDLNOOni Game Level Descriptor Level 0 File
ONLVVLNOOni Game Level Level File
ONMAAMNOImported Marker Node Array Level File
ONOAAONOObject Gunk Array Level File
ONSAASNOImported Spawn Arrayuseless (?)Level File
ONSKKSNOOni Sky Class Level File
ONTAATNOTrigger ArrayuselessLevel File
ONVLLVNOOni Variant List Level 0 File
ONWCCWNOOni Weapon Classzero byte fileLevel File
OPgeegPOObjective Page Message File
OSBDDBSOOni Sound Binary Data Level 0 File
OTITTITOOct Tree Interior Node Array Level File
OTLFFLTOOct Tree Leaf Node Array Level File
PLEAAELPPlane Equation Array Level File
PNTAATNP3D Point Array  
PSpccpSPPart Specification Message File
PSpLLpSPPart Specification List Level 0 File
PSUIIUSPPart Specifications UI Level 0 File
QTNAANTQQuad Tree Node Array Level File
-QUDA*ADUQQuad Array  
SNDDDDNSSound Data  
StNAANtSString Array Level 0 File
SUBTTBUSSubtitle Array Level 0 File
-TMFA*AFMTFloat Array  
-TMRA*ARMTTemplate Reference Array  
TRACCARTAnimation Collection Character File
TRAMMARTTotoro Animation Sequence Character File
TRASSARTTotoro Aiming Screen Character File
TRBSSBRTTotoro Body Set Character File
TRCMMCRTTotoro Quaternion Body Character File
-TRFT*TFRTTotoro Facing Table  
TRGAAGRTTotoro Quaternion Body Geometry Array Character File
TRGEEGRTTrigger Emitter Level 0 File
TRIAAIRTTotoro Quaternion Body Index Array Character File
TRIGGIRTTrigger Level 0 File
TRMAAMRTTexture Map Array Character File
TRSCCSRTScreen (Aiming) Collectionhalf zero byte fileCharacter File
TRTAATRTTotoro Quaternion Body Translation Array Character File
TSFFFFSTFont Familyzero byte fileMessage File
TSFLLFSTFont Language Level 0 File
TSFTTFSTFont Level 0 File
TSGAAGSTGlyph Array Level 0 File
TStrrtSTString Level 0 File
TURRRRUTTurret Level 0 File
TXANNAXTTexture Map Animation  
TXCAACXTTexture Coordinate Array  
TXMAAMXTTexture Map Array Level File
TXMBBMXTTexture Map Big  
TXMPPMXTTexture Map  
-TXPC*CPXTTexture Procedure Data  
TxtCCtxTText Console Message File
-UUEA*AEUUError Binding Array  
-UVDL*LDVUUV Data List  
VCRAARCV3D Vector Array  
WMCLLCMWWM Cursor List Level 0 File
WMDDDDMWWM Dialog Data Level 0 File
WMM__MMWWM Menu Level 0 File
WMMBBMMWWM Menu Bar Level 0 File
WPgeegPWWeapon Page Level 0 File

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