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Glyph Array - Level 0 File

Every file contains 256 packages. One package stands for one of the 256 signs of the ASCII table. The first 32 signs are reserved control characters, so these packages are always zero.

01 04 00 00400004-.TSGA
01 00 00 000level 0
Below follows the first package.
00 00not usedASCII table number
00 00not usedwidth (in pixels)
00 00not usedwidth again?
00 00not usedheight (in pixels)
00 00not usedunknwon; always zero
00 00not usednumber of used packages in the TSFT file
00 00 00 00not usedstart package in the TSFT file
00 00 00 00not usedunknown; always zero

A glyph is basically a monochrome bitmap width * height pixels in size. Each pixel is stored in one byte in the TSFT file (fonts are antialiased so shades of gray are needed rather than storing each pixel in one bit) so each element in the TSFT file contains 4 pixels. Rows of pixels are not 4 bytes aligned so a row can start inside an element.

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