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Gunk Quad Debug Array - Level File

01 4C 02 0058800588-.AGDB
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
15 A8 00 003534935349 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
80 B6 46 0046 B6 80at this position starts the "old file name 1" part in the raw file
A0 B6 46 0046 B6 A0at this position starts the "old file name 2" part in the raw file

35349 is the amount of gunk quads. Two faces (triangles) form a gunk quad.

It seems that this file is useless, because you can set all to zero without any problems and the raw file part contains only old file names. Plus the Oni files of the Mac and the PC demo don't have any AGDB files.

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