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Oni Character Particle Array - Character File

01 F9 03 00101701017-.ONCP
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
0D 00 00 001313 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
acidname of the particle (all entries after the first 00 are useless) (called up from the Particle.TRAM file)
env_splash_e01areference to 05799-3RAPenv_splash_e01a.BINA of level 0 (all entries after the first 00 are useless)
FF FF-1, high bitnumber of the bodypart, which the particle is fixed to (-1 = disabled); if the high bit is set (the high bit is 00 80), the particle isn't fixed to a bodypart, but calculated
5F 0095unknown; always the same
00 00 00 000unknown; always zero

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