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Imported Flag Node Array - Level File

01 99 02 0066500665-.ONFA
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
0D 001313 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
71 00113113 packages possible
Below follows the first package.
00 00 80 3F1.000000x-value of the x-normal vector
2F BD 3B B3-0.000000...y-value of the x-normal vector
81 BC 40 340.000000...z-value of the x-normal vector
2C BD 3B 330.000000...x-value of the y-normal vector
00 00 80 3F1.000000y-value of the y-normal vector
BA F4 6E 330.000000...z-value of the y-normal vector
81 BC 40 B4-0.000000...x-value of the z-normal vector
B7 F4 6E B3-0.000000...y-value of the z-normal vector
00 00 80 3F1.000000z-value of the z-normal vector
9D A7 A4 4120.581842x-position
0D AE 4B 4112.729993y-position (height)
45 B5 A7 C3-335.416168z-position
9D A7 A4 4120.581842x-position again
0D AE 4B 4112.729993y-position (height) again
45 B5 A7 C3-335.416168z-position again
D9 0F C9 3F1.570796unknown, maybe rotation? (1.57 = pi / 2)
00 000flag node ID
00 01256unknown

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