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Imported Marker Node Array - Level File

01 98 02 0066400664-.ONMA
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
42 006666 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
envp_lock1_...particle name
BA E1 20 44643.526977x-position of the particle
C9 C4 50 4113.048043y-position (height) of the particle
05 EB 89 C3-275.836090z-position of the particle
00 00 00 000.000000x-value of the normal vector
00 00 A8 B70.000020y-value (height) of the normal vector
00 00 80 BF-1.000000z-value of the normal vector

It seems, that Oni doesn't need this file, because I could set this complete file plus the ONMA link in the ONLV file to zero without any visible effects.

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