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Object Gunk Array - Level File

01 A0 02 0067200672-.ONOA
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
22 01 00 00290290 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
15 196421old file ID
00 033high bit; the following high bits are used (values in dec):

3 - door (from the Door.BINA file)
5 - furniture (from the Furniture.BINA file)
13 - trigger (from the Trigger.BINA file)
14 - turret (from the Turret.BINA file)
15 - console (from the Console.BINA file)

01 1A 02 00673link to 00673-.IDXA

Level 1 has no pipes. They are listed in the Furniture.BINA file, but not in the ONOA file.
I've you disable the ONOA file, only the doors aren't any longer solid.

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