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Quad Tree Node Array - Level File

01 46 02 0058200582-.QTNA
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
C1 1D 00 0076177617 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
3A 09 00 802362, high bitpointer to the 1st child (-u, -v)
3B 09 00 802363, high bitpointer to the 2nd child (u, -v)
01 00 00 001, high bitpointer to the 3rd child (-u, v)
54 09 00 802388, high bitpointer to the 4th child (u, v)

If the high bit is set, it points to the OTLF file.

Child index If the high bit is not set then the child index is the index of another quadtree node (into the same array). Otherwise it is the index of an OTLF entry. U and V meaning X aligned node - U = Y, V = Z Y aligned node - U = X, V = Z Z aligned node - U = X, V = Y Note The alignment of a node depends on the leaf face that referenced it because there is no orientation information in a quadttree node.

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