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Env Particle Array - Level File

01 9B 02 0066700667-.ENVP
01 00 00 063level 3
AD DEdeadnot used
42 006666 packages follow (one package is edged in black)
Below follows the first package.
locklightparticle type name (reference to 06079-3RAPlocklight.BINA of level 0)
lock1_locklight01particle name
00 00 80 BF-1.000000x-value of the x-normal vector
52 D2 43 B3-0.000000...y-value of the x-normal vector
2E B4 61 B7-0.000013z-value of the x-normal vector
2F B4 61 370.000013x-value of the y-normal vector
FD B7 AA B7-0.000020y-value of the y-normal vector
00 00 80 BF-1.000000z-value of the y-normal vector
4A A5 42 330.000000...x-value of the z-normal vector
00 00 80 BF-1.000000y-value of the z-normal vector
FD B7 AA 370.000020z-value of the z-normal vector
BA E1 20 44643.526978x-position of the particle
C9 C4 50 4113.048043y-position (height) of the particle
05 EB 89 C3−275.836090z-position of the particle
00 00 80 3F1.000000unknown; always the same
00 00 80 3F1.000000unknown; always the same
00 00 00 000unknown; always zero

The normals above are used to build a sub system of coordinates. This is used for the facing of the particle.

Here you can download the complete overview of all ENVP files as a text file.
Copy it to a spreadsheet calculation program like Excel.

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